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Lifesaving slide Lifesaving cushion Smoke ventilator Electric Siren Hand Operated Siren Water conservancy


●Engine: 4 stroke / 6.5horse power
●Open airflow : 56,200 m3/h
●Dimention: L(550mm)*H(550mm)*W(490mm)
●Propeller diameter: 420mm
●Weight: 42kg
●Operational time: 90 mimutes of continuous use
●The distance of airflow: Mini 0.9m – Max 6m (adjustable)
●Noise level: about 93dB (3m as standard) 
●Angle of airflow: precise tilt adjustment from +10° to +30° for optimization of direction of air  stream up entrance steps
●Frame: protective frame with grey epoxy coating as 30mm(diameter) circle pipe
●Characteristis : This prduct is so easy to move and equipped with two wheels with folding and movable handle and Angle of air blowing is adjusted automatically
●Intergreted stabilizer prop at rear Also enables fan to be tilted to  -10˚C downword ventilation
●Composition: ventilator 1pcs, duct 1pcs, spraying stystem 1pcs, the cover of ventilator 1pcs


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